The range of human and technological resources of the Foundation enables the food sector at any scale to keep up with the global trends, improving and incorporating value in their processes and/or products, using an integrated approach, and thus achieving a scientifically-supported market differentiation.

Latitud has pilot plants and laboratories that make it possible to apply both traditional and emerging technologies, evaluating processes and products.

The articulation of partnerships with companies, technological institutions and universities for the implementation of projects and the transfer of technologies is one of the roles that Latitud plays for the agribusiness sector.


Dairy sector

The Foundation provides the dairy industry with the possibility to investigate different dairy matrixes. It has the technology needed to conduct research on dairy matrixes such as cheese, dulce de leche (sort of caramel), ice-cream, fermented products and powder products.


Latitud offers applied research to the cereals agri-industry, to provide them with tools to increase their profit and competitiveness. In Latitud, the cereal industry finds a partner for the development of research to improve and optimize the post-harvest processes, including drying, storage and manufacture, as well as the valorization of industrial by-products. The Foundation works with a network of institutions, academia, industry and producers in the assessment of the yield and quality of the different varieties, to serve as a guide for the Breeding Programs.

Other food matrixes

The important experience of Latitud’s team includes other matrixes of the Uruguayan food industry in addition to dairy and cereals, such as traditional and non-traditional meats, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, juices, fermented beverages and canned goods, among others.

The valorization of by-products of the food industry is performed through several tools and technologies. Alternatives are studied to enable the food sector to improve the quality of its products and processes, optimizing the nutritional value of their products and improving their preservation, through more sustainable and less polluting industrial processes.

Food safety

The Foundation leads research projects on food safety together with public and private institutions, to produce data for developing prevention strategies for the entire production chain. Latitud promotes the development of technical skills on risk assessment, the scientific component for food safety risk analysis, contributing to the improvement and promotion of sustainable development in the agri-food chain.