Carlos Saizar


Carlos Saizar, MSc. Chem. Eng.
Carlos Saizar is Grade 4 Researcher at LATITUD since 2017.

Carlos graduated from the University of the Republic (UdelaR) in 1987); he has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Pollution Control granted by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1990), where he enjoyed an ICI scholarship, which added to his international training on several areas related with the environment.  He was awarded OAS and UNIDO scholarships to specialize in Cleaner Production (ICAITI  1994, Technische Universität Dresden 2002) and polluted soils remediation (UNAM 2002). He received training on the quality of air and atmospheric emissions by South African CSIR experts (1999) and from FMI and VTT in Finland (2006, 2008-2012). He was also trained in Environmental Management Systems (ÖVQ – LATU Sistemas) and Life Cycle Analysis (Polytechnic University of Madrid and UdelaR). He has participated in local and regional projects on environmental quality assessment, environmental impact, cleaner production and waste treatment. Carlos has published papers in Atmospheric Research, and is fellow member of AIQ, IWA, ISWA, A&WMA, IAIA and SETAC.

Previous Experience
2012 – 2016: Senior Expert in Environment, as technical consultant for the technical departments of LATU, where he is responsible for formulating, managing or overseeing projects in his field of expertise, and to represent LATU before other institutions.
1998 – 2012: Head of the Environment Department at LATU, where he is in charge of managing and providing technical support to environmental M&E projects and services, as well as of planning the development of new lines of work.
1992 – 1998: Technical Head of atomic spectroscopy applied to the analysis of metal pollutants in food and environment samples, in the Instrumental Analysis Sector at LATU.
1991 – 1995: Grade 2 Assistant at the Reactor Engineering Department (IIQ, School of Engineering, UdelaR), where he lectures at the course on Reactor Design and conducts research on waste anaerobic treatment.