Daniela Escobar


Chemical Engineer Daniela Escobar
Daniela Escobar is currently Senior Researcher of Latitud, LATU Foundation.

Daniela graduated as Chemical Engineer from the University of the Republic (UdelaR), where she also got her Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology. She received her Diploma in Milk and Dairy Products Technology from the Catholic University in 2005, and in 2001 she got a degree on Quality Management from LSQA, Austria. She participated in several courses on food, cleaner production and project management. In 2008 she was a guest researcher at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA (Food Science and Technology Department) and received training at the University of Washington State, Pullman, USA.
She has been the Uruguayan coordinator of the Milk and Dairy Products Subcommittee before the Codex Alimentarius since 2007. Since 2011 she has been a guest lecturer at the Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology at the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU) and other Universities.
She has written for national and international scientific peer-reviewed journals, and is the author of several chapters in books targeted to the food industry, especially addressing issues related with the science and technology of milk and dairy products. She has participated in several congresses, seminars and workshops as guest speaker. Moreover, Ms. Escobar coaches interns and fellows in universities both in Uruguay and abroad.

Previous experience
2017: Researcher at Latitud.
2010 – 2017: As Senior Researcher at the Research, Development and Innovation Department, she designs and leads research, innovation and development projects, as well as technology transfer projects for the food industry, particularly focused on the dairy sector. In addition, she articulates work with companies and institutions focused on the development of knowledge and R&D&I projects.
2007 – 2010: Senior consultant at the Food Projects Department, at the Uruguayan Technology Laboratory, where she coordinates and acts as technical expert and advisor in the design and execution of projects for the dairy industry.
1998 – 2006: Analyst at the Test and Assays Department, and at the Meat and Dairy Department. She develops and validates analytical techniques for meat and dairy products and is involved in the implementation and maintenance of the management system based on the ISO 17025 Standard.
1997 – 1998: Technical Advisor on polymers at ARTRADING
1991 – 1997: PERLA S.A. real estate company.