Fabiana Rey Bentos


Fabiana Rey Bentos, Biochemist
Fabiana Rey has worked in Latitud as Grade 2 Researcher since 2017.

She got her degree in Biochemistry at the University of the Republic in 1998 and is currently taking a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology at the School of Sciences, University of the Republic.
Her field of interest is Industrial Biotechnology applied to energy, food and the environment. Fabiana has taken part in several courses, congresses and national and international symposia, and has been involved in research and development projects on these subjects.
She has presented five scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, and was the author/co-author of thirteen papers presented at local and international meetings.

Previous experience
2004 – 2016: Researcher in the Biotechnology Area of the R&D&I Department of the Uruguayan Technology Laboratory (LATU). Her key roles include the implementation of methodologies, technologies and technological processes in industrial biotechnology, to contribute to the development, transfer and growth of industry-oriented technological knowledge. Her field of research has been focused on the use of agroindustrial waste for the production of value-added products including biofuels and industrial-use enzymes, and the isolation, identification, characterization and industrial application of microorganisms.
1992 – 2004: Grade 2 Analyst at the Chemical Analysis Department (Dairy area) of LATU’s Test and Assays Department. She has been primarily in charge of conducting physico-chemical trials on dairy products. She was actively engaged in the implementation of the quality system based on the ISO 9000 Standard and the accreditation of 29 trials as per the ISO 17025 Standard.
1997 – 1998: Honorary intern at the Biotechnology Unity at the Experimental Station Las Brujas of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), where she completed her graduation thesis in the field of Molecular Biology.