Fernando Bonfiglio


Fernando Bonfiglio, Pharma Chem. MSc
Mr. Fernando Bonfiglio has worked at Latitud as Grade 2 Researcher since 2017.

He graduated from the School of Chemistry of the University of the Republic in 2006, receiving his degree as Pharmaceutical Chemist. In 2015 he obtained his Master’s Degree in Cellulose and Paper Engineering from the School of Engineering, and conducted his thesis at Aalto University, Finland. He is currently working on his PhD thesis at the School of Chemistry, investigating potential bioethanol by-products obtained from lignocellulosic biomass.
He was published 5 scientific papers at international conference proceedings, one of which he also presented orally.
In addition, he coached two students in their final company internship at the end of their studies as Chemical Technologists.

Previous experience
2012: Researcher at the Forestry Technology Department, Aalto University, Finland.
2006 – 2016: Analyst at the Fray Bentos Forestry Department of the Uruguayan Technology Laboratory (LATU).
2000 – 2005: Leather Dyeing Technical Assistant, Branáa Tannery (currently Zenda Leather).