Inés Martínez Bernié


Inés Martínez Bernié, Chem. Pharm.
Inés Martínez is a Grade 3 Researcher at Latitud since 2017.

Inés graduated from the School of Chemistry of the University of the Republic in 1997. She received training in microbiology and food safety, especially focusing on risk analysis and risk assessment. She attended the Course on Risk Analysis given by JIFSAN, FDA (USA) in 2011, the Food Safety Leadership Program in 2009-2012 and several regional courses on the Analysis and Assessment of Chemical and Microbiological Risks from 2009 to 2016.
Inés was published eight papers in journals, three of them in scientific and peer-reviewed journals. She was involved in the development of guidelines for Good Agricultural Practices and has lectured on risk analysis and assessment at more than five seminars, four of them international and one regional, and exhibited two posters at international Symposia.

Previous Experience
2007 – 2016: Senior investigator on Food Safety at the R&D&I Department at the Uruguayan Technology Laboratory (LATU), her key roles including:
– Develop, lead, coordinate and participate in inter-agency research projects on food safety of the production chains with greatest impact for the country, aiming to position Uruguay as a country that produces healthy, safe and reliable food.
– Work with the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery as manager, incorporating Risk Management in their Food Safety Management System, being in charge of the coordination of its scientific component, i.e., its evaluation.
– Develop training and professional continuing education activities on Food Safety, to improve the country’s capacities on this subject, particularly developing technical capacities in the analysis and assessment of food safety-related risks, contributing to the creation of a knowledgeable critical mass that may promote national research on food safety as an input for a better management of the country’s food safety.
– Coordinate with the Codex Alimentarius Sub-Committee on Hygiene, leading the development of the country position in the working papers, having represented Uruguay at the Committee’s international meetings.
– Internal auditor in processes involving the implementation of food safety management systems for national and international exporting companies.
1999 – 2007: Analyst III of LATU’s Microbiology Department.
Analyst of food and pharmaceutical products, and development and fine-tuning of specific techniques, as requested by private customers. Actively involved in the Department’s Quality Assurance area, maintaining and evaluating the analysts’ training, monitoring the laboratory equipment, validating new assay techniques and working in the determination of uncertainty of tests for their subsequent accreditation under Standard 17025 by UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service). Analysis and development of control charts for the validation and fine-tuning of newly implemented techniques or newly tested matrixes. Preparation of inter-laboratory tests and participation in inter-laboratory proficiency testing and analysis of their results. Auditor of Microbiology Laboratories of Food Manufacturers for the Technical Administrative Management, with a view to improving their technical working conditions as they prepare for ISO 17025.
1995 – 1999: Analyst at the Laboratory Beltrán – Zunino.
Responsible for the general operations of the laboratory, organizing the technical staff’s tasks. With experience in the microbiology testing of food and pharmaceutical products, Inés oversaw the analysts in charge of food products testing and of conducting the Sterility Test. She also provided advise to and visited food-processing plants to analyze their production processes, advising them on the detection of potential errors in the manipulation of food that might affect their safety.
1993 – 1995: Laboratory analyst at Barraca Deambrosi.
As Head of Quality Control of salt for human and animal consumption, Inés collaborated in the fine-tuning of the manufacturing process.