Lucía Boccardi


Lucía Boccardi, B.A. MSc.
Lucía Boccardi has worked at Latitud since 2017, as Grade 2 Researcher.

She graduated from the School of Sciences of the University of the Republic, getting her degree in Biological Sciences, with a major on Environmental Management and Limnology in 2004. She got her Master’s degree on Environmental Sciences at the University of the Republic in 2012.
Lucía has taken several courses in Uruguay and abroad, and has done consultancy and advisory work linked to biological monitoring of several aquatic systems in Uruguay. Her field of expertise is the use of benthic macroinvertebrates as water quality indicators. She is currently starting her PhD to address issues related to the restoration and remediation of aquatic ecosystems.
She has been published eleven papers in journals and books, and was involved in the preparation of 20 papers presented at national and international congresses.

Previous experience
2006 – 2016: Consultant at the Department for the Environment of the Uruguayan Technology Laboratory (LATU). She works as a technical advisor, conducts tests of samples of benthic organisms from different water ecosystems in Uruguay, prepares and drafts reports on biology issues, quality of water and sediments of different aquatic ecosystems, and is in charge of tasks related to the laboratory’s ISO 17025-based quality management system.
2007 – 2012: Member of the research team on Ecology, Preservation and Rehabilitation of Continental Aquatic Ecosystems at the Ecology and Evolution Department of the East Regional University Centre, School of Sciences of the University of the Republic.
2005 – 2007: Involved in consultancy studies with the consultancy Center for the Applied Studies on Limnology (CELA).