Patricia Arcia


Patricia Arcia, PhD., Chem. Eng.
Patricia Arcia is Grade 3 Researcher at LATITUD since 2017.

Patricia graduated from the University of the Republic, where she got her degree in Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering in 2005. In 2010 she obtained her Master’s Degree in Food Science, Technology and Management, and in 2013 she was granted a PhD in Food Science, Technology and Management. Both postgraduate degrees were granted by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.
She was published 7 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, 2 papers were published as conference proceedings and she had 11 posters exhibited at international congresses.
Her area of expertise is the product and process development, particularly emphasizing experiment design, sensory assessment and consumer surveys. Since 2006 she has participated in product research and/or development projects in all the agro-industrial chains, including cereals, dairy, meat and fruits and vegetables.

Previous Experience
2006 – 2016: Consultant/ Researcher at the R&D&I Department – Uruguayan Technology Laboratory.
2013 – Present: Academic Coordinator and member of faculty at the Department of Food Engineering of the Catholic University of Uruguay.
2004 – 2006: Laboratory Analyst and Responsible for Sensory Assessment. National Brewery (Fabricas Nacionales de Cerveza) – AmBev. Minas Plant, Uruguay
2003-2004: Laboratory Analyst – Fermented Beverages. Uruguayan Technology Laboratory
2002-2003: Head of the Physical and Chemical Testing and Sensory Assessment Laboratory. Vinos de la Cruz Winery. Florida, Uruguay.
2002: Laboratory Analyst – Fermented Drinks. Uruguayan Technology Laboratory