Ronny Pelaggio Ettlin


Ronny Pelaggio Ettlin, Dairy Technician 

Graduated from the University of Labor of Uruguay, he has the training of Technician in Dairy and is Technical of Pilot Plant and Laboratory, dependent of the Management of Research Development and Innovation in Latitude. He is currently completing the final career of the Bachelor in Science and Technology of Dairy. Since its inception it has been continuously linked to the entire dairy chain, from its completion to the present. He began his private activity, performing first, as a laboratory analyst, performing physico-chemical analyzes throughout the dairy product spectrum. He has subsequently been awarded a job placement in Australia by acquiring responsibilities in the production of cheeses and yogurt from an industrial plant. Developing different cheese technologies. He has experience as a technical process consultant in different dairy companies in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador. It presents 4 scientific publications in refereed journals, 2 in non-refereed journals and has lectured in 3 national conferences and 1 international dissertation.

Previous experience
‍2012 – 2016: LATU – Junior Consultant in the Management of Food Projects.
2005 – 2012: LATU – Technical Assistant in the Management of Food Projects of LATU, integrates the Food Safety team of LATU. Member of the LATU teaching team (see teaching activity).
2004 – 2005: LATU – Export start, inspection and sampling functions in industries.
2003 – 2004: Labor internship in Australia. Cheese and yogurt production industry with goat and sheep milk.
2002 – 2003: Parmalat Uruguay S.A. Laboratory Analyst, physical-chemical and microbiological tests.