Silvia Böthig


Chemical Engineer Silvia Böthig
Silvia Böthig has worked in Latitud since 2017, as Grade 4 Researcher in charge of Forestry Projects; her fields of expertise are Biofuels and Wood Protection.
She manages and coordinates the CIDEB, 2G Biofuels Research Centre, co-directed by Latitud and ANCAP; the mission of the center is to introduce and develop its own technologies to produce biofuels and other high-value products from various raw materials.

Sylvia graduated as Chemical Engineer from the University of the Republic. She specialized in the technology of wood-derived products, wood quality, biodeterioration and wood preservation, paints and finishing, and furniture and its materials. She has also studied wood drying, biofuels, quality and project management.
She has presented twenty papers in peer-reviewed journals, given lectures at international conferences and has been interviewed by the local media.
She is a member of the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG-WP), the Ibero American Network for Wood Protection (RIPMA) and of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA).

Previous experience
2013 – 2016: Senior Researcher; LATU Research, Development and Innovation Department.
1993 – 2015: Sylvia has held different positions at the Uruguayan Technology Laboratory (LATU). Likewise, she has collaborated with the University of the Republic in teaching activities, giving courses, conducting internships, graduate and postgraduate theses, both at the School of Agronomy and Engineering.
Throughout her career at LATU, she led the installation of the laboratories for wood preservation, furniture and openings, finishings and biofuels, and has been actively involved building the laboratory´s capabilities for the testing of the physical and mechanical properties of wood.  She managed and actively participated in several institutional and inter-institutional, national and international projects. She has been responsible for several thematic areas, including Wood Protection, Drying and Furniture, and was part of a number of teams, including Forestry Production, Construction Wood, Fundamental Physical Properties and Wood Chemistry. Sylvia has also worked in the Cellulose and Paper area.
2005 – 2013: Senior Consultant at LATU´s Forestry Products Department.
1997 – 2005: Grade 4 Expert at LATU´s Forestry Products Department
1994 – 1997: Grade 1 Expert at LATU´s Forestry Products Department.
1993 – 1994: Technical Assistant at LATU´s Forestry Products Department.